Sarah grew up on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands and has lived in Denver since 2012. Sarah works in the travel industry and loves to explore new cultures and countries. Her sense of adventure has enabled her to live and teach yoga in both hemispheres, including New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sarah enjoys cooking healthy food, time with friends, circuit training, hiking and camping, open-water swimming and horseback riding. She is passionate about preserving our planet and making environmentally responsible choices.
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Sarah began her yoga practice in 2005. She is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and is currently enrolled in the 500 Advanced Teacher Training Program with Amy Ippoliti and the 90 Monkeys School of Yoga in Boulder, CO. Sarah was initially drawn to the physical practice of yoga, however I quickly found that yoga and meditation offer much deeper benefits. She now sees yoga and meditation as a way to explore and unravel the deeply ingrained patterns we all have inside. It is a way for us to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. She loves to learn and finds inspiration through her travel experiences, nature, yoga books, teachers, podcasts and conversations. She teaches corporate yoga classes, small group (online and in person) and private yoga classes in Denver.


Group and Private Yoga Classes
My yoga classes are a moderately paced, all-levels practice that matches breath with intentional movement. Each class includes a short meditation and a creative sequence with just the right amount of challenge and ease. Expect to move through sun salutations, standing series, seated poses and truly let go with a healing savasana. You’ll be introduced to yoga philosophy as a way to inspire self-inquiry and to help you respond to life’s challenges in a more balanced and authentic way. My class will give you the tools to start to develop your internal awareness and become more in-tune with your mind, body and spirit.


Follow me on YouTube for online yoga (see button at bottom). If you are a tenant at the Seasons of Cherry Creek, I offer “Align and Flow” yoga on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.


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Corporate Wellness Yoga Classes

I also have a successful career in hospitality and understand the stress that can build up in your daily life as you tackle deadlines and try your best to maintain that delicate work/life balance. My corporate wellness classes provide employees a safe space to relax and unwind, get moving, and learn new tools to approach life’s challenges in a more balanced way.

I started teaching corporate wellness classes in 2017 and offer a one-time class, a six-week series, or weekly/bi-weekly classes taught at your company’s office. My classes are crafted for all ability levels and can be customized to fulfill your employees specific needs. Students have shared that they feel more productive, relaxed, and focused after class.

Corporate Yoga Class Experience: Sonder, Slalom, G2G Collection, Inspirato, Drury Hotels


Email to schedule your private, group, or corporate wellness class! Gift cards are also available if you’d like to share the gift of yoga.


Revitalizing “Sarah’s classes are truly revitalizing! I always felt cleansed of my day, relaxed, and healed afterwards. She’s one of the most talented instructors I’ve encountered as a yogi.” Lindsey | Denver, Colorado

Find a healthy balance“I am not a yogi by nature, and have sought out the practice to help increase flexibility in my other athletic endeavors and to try to find some healthy balance to my own life stresses. Having never really found a consistent commitment to the practice itself, I decided to attend Sarah’s classes she offered through our workplace. I quickly became entranced by how seamlessly her classes flowed, and her dedication to the craft. It amazes me how she can speak to each individual person on such a level that makes them feel as though the class is dedicated to each’s own progression. She challenges her students while still creating a comfort and dedication with the practice. Sarah is an incredibly strong person, both in body and spirit. And her strength resonates with anyone who attends one of her classes. Not only was my body pushed to develop strength and power, but my mind was elevated to a place of peace and stability. That combination curates an incredible atmosphere, and you feel it every time you practice with Sarah.” Kelsey | Denver, Colorado

Feel strongI had never been easily sold on yoga until I started taking Sarah’s classes, where I felt very comfortable and confident. I used muscles I never knew I had, and I left feeling strong and with a new lease on life each time. She was great at explaining each pose; she would visit us individually so that we knew we were moving correctly. I would always feel it in the right places next day. Since her departure I have been unable to find a yoga instructor like her. I look forward to another opportunity to practice with her in the future!” Kyah | Wanaka, New Zealand

Custom tailored for your work environment I hired Sarah Beechler Yoga for a team building and relaxation session for my team of housekeepers. Sarah did a fantastic job tailoring a yoga session that fit the beginner level (very relaxing session) we were looking for! Sarah was incredibly professional and custom tailored her coaching to the type of work environment we have. She related the motions and breaths to how they can help in our line of work (the hotel business) and made the team feel great! We have a team member that has a particular injury and Sarah was incredibly patient and kind with that person and even gave some one-on-one attention so she could get the most out of the yoga experience. My entire staff was super happy with the session and we cant wait to have Sarah back for our next “Zen” session!! Paul | Denver, Colorado