The Countdown is Over

Moving to New Zealand was the biggest decision I’ve made in my 29 years. I started devoting my energy towards this plan about one year ago when my gut told me that I needed to make a change. I knew that if I manifested this vision and took the necessary steps towards moving here, it would all come together.

Step 1: SAVE MONEY. Buy my plane ticket and apply for my visa. Step 2: Complete my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Step 3: Put in my notice at work; hire and train my replacement. Step 4: Visit my family and friends on St. John and enjoy some R&R.


Step 5: Sell EVERYTHING (and keep a few important items with family/friends). Step 6: Pack and purchase items for the adventure of a lifetime. Step 7: Remove half of the items packed (easier said than done). 

Step 8: Kick back and enjoy my last week with my friends in Denver. Step 9: Get on the plane (the easy part). Step 10: EXHALE.

It is incredible to finally be here, living out my dream.

I worked hard to build a beautiful life in Denver the past five years. I said goodbye to an incredible group of friends, my family, and a very rewarding job working at a private luxury travel club. I had my routine down: my favorite yoga studio, gym, hiking trails, ski mountains, bars, and restaurants. I am now even further from my tiny island home of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (one of the most beautiful places in the world), where my parents and close childhood friends live.

St. John, VI


Why did I decide to make such a drastic life change? I couldn’t get around a feeling that something was missing. My passion is travel, and one of my dreams has always been to spend a full year living in a foreign country. While I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries, I’ve never spent more than three months abroad. I firmly believe that if you have a dream, you should go for it. I have never been one to wait until “the timing is right,” as there is never a perfect time. I tend to be a little impulsive, but this was one of the most well thought out, planned decisions that I’ve ever made.

Let the adventures begin – on the exhale.


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